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Walk like an Egyptian!

In 3H we had a fantastic day today being transported back to Ancient Egypt. We arrived at school to be met by a strange message on the classroom door. We then had to crawl through a corridor into a darkened room. It smelled strange but sweet and there were strange artefacts and a body (mummy) in the corner. The pharaoh Rameses had sent us a challenge to escape being locked into his burial chamber. We were nervous at first because we didn't know what we had to do. We were given some jobs that Ancient Egyptians would have done like servants, scribes, pyramid builders and craftspeople. We worked hard writing hieroglyphic messages and creating jewelled,  symmetrical collars for the pharaoh. We were very successful at these. We also had tricky jobs like putting together canopic jars for mummification and building pyramids out of spaghetti and marshmallows, model designs for the real thing. These were fiddly and challenging but we persevered and worked as a team. 

We had great fun and learned lots about their lives. But we are glad that we did not get trapped in the past. We pleased Rameses and he released us back to the present day- ready in time for lunch!