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Please click on the links below for our Mental Health and Wellbeing action plans.

This term at Colsterworth has seen the launch of our focus on Mental Health & Wellbeing for both pupils and staff. The children excitedly arrived in school one ordinary Wednesday to find labelled balloons hidden around the corridors and classrooms…this surprise start to the day signalled the beginning of our work on the 5 ways to Wellbeing. Our newly designated Wellbeing Warriors within Key stage 2 have been vital in encouraging all children to take part in different challenges to improve their Mental Health & Wellbeing. Video messages from Mrs Cornish & the Wellbeing team are shown each Wednesday introducing a new challenge from one of the 5 areas. This focus links well to our new #Healthy, Happy, Active initiative, with our Sports Council leading the way to improving all our lifestyles through curriculum linked challenges. Look out for your child returning home with their challenge certificates any day now to demonstrate how they are making an IMPACT!

Colsterworth School brought the sunshine in this week with our fabulous ‘Hello Yellow’ day celebrating World Mental Health day and shining a spotlight on the importance of our children’s mental health. Dressed top to toe in shades of yellow, the whole school joined together to think about this year’s message of ‘Stand out & Show up’. Looking at the Wellbeing Book of the Week, Perfectly Norman, we took time to consider our gifts and talents, that not only help ourselves to soar into the sky but also help our ability to support others. We celebrated what makes us special and reflected on the importance of letting our talents shine through.

Wellbeing Wednesday 18th May 2022

The Wellbeing Warriors have been spreading kindness around the school this week!

They led a wonderful collective worship based around the story ‘One little dot’ before challenging the school to find individual kindness dots in their classroom and help them to grow.

Kindness has been spotted blooming around the school and even the teachers have been joining in, each receiving their own kindness gift from the wellbeing warriors.


Watch out for kindness growing around your home!

Wellbeing Wednesday 11th May 2022

Our Key stage 2 Well-being warriors led the way with this week through their Well-being Wednesday collective worship. After sharing the beautiful story of the ‘hugging tree’ with the school, they discussed the importance of resilience in our lives before challenging the children to think about times they have found tricky and who has supported them. The children then worked within their classes to complete a reflection activity allowing them to tick off the C for character building task on their #Healthy, happy, active challenge card. What a wonderful chance to think about how to faces challenges together. 



Wellbeing Wednesday 8th December 2021

Wellbeing Wednesday 1st December 2021 - Be Active!

Wellbeing Wednesday 17th Nov 2021 - Take Notice!

This week's wellbeing Wednesday is all about taking notice, this is about being mindful and taking time everyday just to enjoy our world.

Wellbeing Wednesday 10th Nov 2021

Wellbeing Wednesday is back! The wellbeing warriors are excited to start our weekly wellbeing videos.

Wellbeing Wednesday - Connect

Watch the launch of our 'Wellbeing Wednesday!'

Wellbeing Wednesday - Be Active

Wellbeing Wednesday - Keep Learning

Wellbeing Wednesday - Take Notice

Wellbeing Wednesday - Give


Please find below useful links which can offer a range of support and services in relation to mental health and wellbeing:






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