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We Are Agents of Change

Being an Agent of Change is a key part of the Christian nature of Colsterworth Primary School. It sounds like the job of a super hero doesn’t it? It is an incredibly important role, but anyone, absolutely anyone can be an Agent of Change. We all have the power to do something, to change one thing that can have a positive effect on the people or world around us. It could be as simple as putting rubbish in the bin, smiling at someone who needs a friend or offering to help with a job. It could be as big as reducing your carbon footprint, raising money for a good cause or campaigning for change. We all have the power to do something good.


At Colsterworth Primary School our pupils are encouraged to have their own voice and to be 'Agents of Change' within our school and community. They have lots of jobs and roles such as School Council, ECO Team, Wellbeing Warriors, Peer Mediators, Playground Leaders, JRSOs to name just a few.

Everyday we see our children being 'Agents of Change' through the way they engage in their learning and through their interactions with other children and with visitors to our school.


This empathy for others and for our planet and surroundings reminds us of our three Rs both in and out of school.

 Respect and take care of yourself

Respect and take care of each other

Respect and take care of our enviroment and the world in which we live.


We celebrate all Agents of Change and would like to share some heroes within our  school….


 At Christmas, Pixi-Mai collected hundreds of advent calendars and selection boxes to donate to the Grantham Foodbank. She is an 'Agent of Change'.





In her free time, Eishia collects litter near her home and around our village. She says, "I like to collect litter as it keeps our village clean and by getting the plastics off our streets we are protecting the enviroment." She is an 'Agent of Change'.




 Harvey says,  "I decided to be kind to the planet. I wanted to help with climate change. I think we can all help. I heard on BBC Breakfast that bees were in
trouble. They said that bees like wild flowers, so I arranged with my Nanny to plant some wild flowers in her garden." He is an 'Agent of Change'.

This Spring, Harvey donated his birthday money to the RNLI Charity because he felt he could make a difference. He continues to be an 'Agent of Change'