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Tree Planting for Earth Day 2022

The Student Council and the Eco warriors together have planted some donated trees on Earth Day 2022. The theme this year was Invest In Our Planet and Harvey has certainly shown that he wants to be an Agent of Change. And thanks to Harvey’s enthusiasm and caring nature, he really wanted to make a difference for the school and the planet. Harvey is one of our Y4 school councillors and came to the meetings with lots of super ideas to improve the school grounds. With some assistance he managed to get a range of native tree saplings which have been planted around the grounds for future children to enjoy. 


Harvey planted the first of the trees, a wild cherry outside his classroom. He and the Y4 Eco team have been able to keep a close eye on the weather and have made sure they have all had a good start. Colsterworth school will benefit from these young Nature SMART ambassadors for years to come.