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Safer Internet Day 2020

This year the theme was based on online identity. It was important for us to learn about being our ‘true selves’ online whilst also being safe. KS1 and KS2 had separate Collective Worships and then completed different activities back in classrooms. We were also very lucky as we had One Day Creative in to lead workshops to all children across school. KS1’s theme was ‘Cyber Heroes’ and KS2’s theme was ‘Cyber Bullying’.


KS1 enjoyed a poem all about the amazing things we can do online, how all of us are unique and different and a re-cap on why we don’t put any of our personal information online.

Below is the poem from our Worship.


This is Me!

The internet’s a super place,

To play, to learn, to chat.

A space for us to be ourselves,

So let’s remember that.


Need a book? Well search no more.

Pop one on your device.

Sit down, relax and snuggle up,

Doesn’t that sound nice!


Feeling glum? A little tired?

To take away your gloom…

Just listen to your favourite tunes,

And bop around the room!


A question’s buzzing in your head,

Can gorillas doodle?

Oh wow. It seems the answer’s yes.

You found out thanks to Google!


You’re off on hols, the drive is long,

To pass away the hours.

You watch a film about a bull,

Who loved to smell the flowers.


Your cousins live across the world,

A thousand miles away.

Bu thanks to WiFi, face to face.

You see them every day!


It’s your birthday, lucky you!

Your cake is just sublime.

You take a pic to show your gran,

And share with her online.


But wait, there’s more you can do.

Buy tickets, gifts or food.

New clothes are a click away,

To look the awesome dude!


It’s great to share your favourite things,

With friends across the nation.

But keep offline, and just for you,

Your personal information.


If you’re online and feeling sad,

Worried or upset.

Tell a grown-up straight away,

It’s the best help you can get!


No two people are alike,

Even if you’re twins.

Be yourself and keep in mind,

That kindness always wins.


There’s just one you and you are FAB.

I think that you’ll agree.

Express yourself and make some noise.


Jump up, shout…



During the KS2 Collective Worship, we talked to someone new in the hall and learnt 3 things about them. Some children shared what they had learnt about their partners and we discussed how this makes us different, unique and is all part of our identity. We moved onto talk about how what we do online forms part of our identity too. We were asked questions such as ‘Have you ever used a filter online?’ and ‘Have you ever created or chosen an avatar or character?’ KS2 children were shown a profile of someone and we discussed how it was safe because it did not give away any personal information.



Max and Sofia (our Year 5 and 6 e-cadets) shared a prayer they wrote with Miss Bergmann.


Dear God,

Thank you for the wonderful things that the internet brings. We are thankful that each one of us is different and this creates our own unique identity. 

Help us to be kind online and have the courage to speak out against unkindness if we ever need to. Help us to work towards creating a truly inclusive internet, where everyone can be themselves but be safe whilst doing it.