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Jumanji adventure at Colsterworth!

Welcome to the Jungle!


Herds of elephants, friendly gorillas, deadly snakes – this all sounds a little like something from the rainforest. Well not for the pupils of Colsterworth Primary School it’s not.


On the morning of Tuesday 18th September, the pupils from our school were tasked with investigating some very unusual goings on in the school hall.

The children’s teachers, who had been playing what they thought was an innocent game over the weekend, had unknowingly unleashed the jungle and its inhabitants into the school and it was the children’s job to find out exactly what had happened.


There were vines parading from every alcove and corner, drums mysteriously drumming and animals watching the pupils’ closely as the children worked their way around the jungle formally known to them as their school hall!


Following the experience, the children then returned to their classrooms and wrote about their experiences, imagining what might have happened there over the weekend. Mrs Moore, Chief Executive Officer said ‘It was amazing watching the children’s eyes light up during the experience and the writing which they have produced has been excellent – a fantastic start to the year.’


Fortunately, the school’s teachers managed to repair the damage caused by the mischievous animals and returned the school to normal. We also reassured our younger children that the gorilla running round school was in fact our mild mannered caretaker, Mr Mitchell!