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Ice to meet you, snowman.

Sunday 24th January started out like any other Sunday. Not much was going on, and families all around were getting ready for another ordinary lockdown Sunday. But then, something phenomenal happened. Pale grey clouds began to fill the sky, the temperature dropped and a hush fell over the land.


Some people had been expecting it, and so they were prepared. Others thought it would never happen, and so their mouths fell open in awe when…miniscule ‘objects’ started falling from the sky. Ramblers could be heard exclaiming, ‘What is this? Is it snow? Surely not!’ as they went for their Sunday strolls. But then, within a matter of minutes, the tiny meteors had become huge, white spheres.


Colossal snowflake clusters filled the air. The shrieks of over-excited teachers rang out for miles and families everywhere wrapped up warmly and set out on snowy adventures.


Here are some photos of the antics your snow-loving teachers and their families. Who can you spot?