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Democracy Day

On Thursday 23rd September we marked Democracy Day 2021 at Colsterworth Primary School. by voting at our polling station in the hall. We started this important event with a collective worship all about the core British Value of democracy. The children know the importance of everyone having the right to have their voice heard. We take great pride at Abbey Academies in our democratic election process, which enables every child to vote for their chosen representatives who will form the incoming Council for the year ahead.

Amid great excitement, the results of the elections were announced today in our celebration assembly. The successful candidates were awarded their certificates and badges.

Student council co-ordinator, Mrs Helliwell, said; “Every year the children who want to stand for council, confidently put forward their manifestos and take the democratic process very seriously. Every year, it gives me great pleasure to see how respectful all the children are and this year was no different. To see their democratic right put into practice and the rights of every child in school to have a voice is relevant; it is a life skill that they will use in their future.”

 The Student Council plays an active role in decision-making at our school and we are excited to see what new ideas are going to be brought to our Council meetings this year!