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All Hands On Deck for 1A Pirate Day

Wow – Reception had a stupendous start to our new topic on Tuesday 20th April as we all took part in Pirate Day…aargh!

It was all hands on deck and we had a full crew of shipmates and captains all ready and looking shipshape for sailing the seven seas.  We had pirates with swords, pirates with telescopes, pirates with parrots, pirates with scary scars and a whole ‘ship’ full of pirates with smiles on their faces.

We played pirate themed games where we had to get into the role of a pirate; scrubbing the decks, climbing the rigging, looking for land and digging up buried treasure.  Throughout the day we all tried very hard to speak like pirates and we gave ourselves fearsome pirate names such as Pirate Snowflake, First Mate Hotrod and Captain Hook!  In the afternoon we went on an adventure to sail around the world to find the island that had the hidden treasure. We sailed alongside sharks and found lands full of lions, parrots and penguins before finding our pirate treasure.  Luckily no one had to walk the plank (phew!)

It was a super start to our ‘Ahoy there! Would you invite a Pirate for tea?’topic and we all had a fantastic time.