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Ahoy There M’Hearties!

Children in Chicks Class enjoyed a Stupendous Start to their ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ topic.

It was all hands-on deck for the day.  Our pirates arrived ready for action.  They all looked fabulous in their costumes and we had a full crew of shipmates all ready and looking shipshape for sailing.  Never before has there been a whole ‘ship’ full of pirates with smiles on their faces! 

During the day the children counted their treasure, used the small world to create wonderful pirate stories, sand pirate songs, painted pirates and built their own ship!

In the afternoon the children went on an adventure.  We found a treasure map and followed it around the world to find the gold. First the map took us to the jungle where we had to tip toe past sleeping lions. Next, we sailed to Polynesia where the children could Hula dance with Lei ‘flower garland’ necklaces.  From there, we travelled to Antarctica and met some penguins.  The voyage wasn’t without its hazards as the children sailed through a storm and watched a volcano erupt. Luckily no one had to walk the plank (phew!) Finally, the children reached their destination by following some beautiful parrots.  They took paces north, east, south and west and started digging till they found a treasure chest full of bounty which could be shared…yummy!

The children made a fine crew and we were very proud of all our pirates!