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3G Partake in Egyptian Theatre Experience

Today, the year 2 and 3 children at Colsterworth Primary Academy went on an Ancient Egyptian adventure they would never forget.

Their expedition was led by the Partake Theatre crew, and the children loved taking part in workshops that brought their senses and the topic to life. It began with the children handling Egyptian artefacts. They learnt about their special, magical powers and why each was so important to the Ancient Egyptian beliefs.

Then it was time to start sniffing! The various spices were presented to the children and they had to fill their nostrils with the different aromas while trying to identify where or when they had encountered each smell before. The classroom was filled with the smells of Ancient Egypt and lips were licked as delicious smells were sampled and noses were crinkled as less pleasant ones wafted upwards.

However, the real highlight came in the drama workshop in the afternoon. Every child was dressed in traditional Ancient Egyptian clothing and they all took part in the burial ceremony of a young prince who had tragically died. The tomb was built and decorated, the body was cleaned and mummified, then carried to its resting place while the mourners followed on in a precession of wailing. When the body arrived at the tomb, the gifts and treasures were placed around it to ensure the prince had everything he needed in the afterlife.

Then, finally, the Death Mask was put in place, the final instruments were played and the wailing ceased. The mourners kneeled motionless. Darkness fell. The tomb was silent.

Miss Green said, ‘Wow! What an amazing experience for them all, an experience the children will remember for a very long time. The workshop has defiantly brought history alive to the children.’