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St George's Day Collective Worship


In our KS2 assembly today we reflected upon the cultural and religious significance of St George's day, which was celebrated today.

We began our story by hearing the song, 'When a Knight Won his Spurs'. We explored the meaning of the lyrics, in particular its reference to slaying 'dragons' and the characteristics of a knight. 

Following this, we looked at St George and how he was reflected in the traditions of our country, for example by exploring the significance of his cross and how it is an integral part of the British flag.  



We also explored where else the flag can be seen, such as at sporting events and different special occasions. 

Furthermore, we read the legend of St George, who slayed the dragon, and looked at the symbolism found within the story. For example, how the dragon represents evil (bad things that happen) and how brave St George was for standing up to evil. We compared the legend to the truth we know about the real St George:

•Saint George was a Roman soldier.

•He was a Christian.

•He was known for his bravery.

•He protested against Rome's persecution of Christians.

•He was imprisoned and tortured, but stayed true to his faith.

•King Edward III made him the Patron Saint of England in 1350. 


We also compared St George to other influential people throughout history who were brave and fought for the rights of others such as: Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. We were inspired by how they have tried to make our world a fairer place for all so that no one is treated differently because of their race, gender or religion. 


Finally, we discussed the importance of being brave and how we need to push ourselves to fight our fears (linking to our Christian Values). Year 4 shared how they had fought their fears during their residential and year 6 shared how they were fighting their fears of SATs by being prepared so that they could achieve their potential.


Well done children! You were very reflective British Citizens and know what characteristics you require in order to be truly successful.