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Safer Internet Day

WOW! What a brilliant day we have had celebrating Safer Internet Day across school. KS1 began with a Collective Worship all about an alien called Zap! The story was all about asking for permission to do things online and about the choices we can make about what personal information we give away about ourselves. KS2 discussed the idea of consent such as organisations asking for consent and sharing photos online. Our wonderful mini e-cadets and e-cadets participated in Collective Worships through collecting ideas, giving opinions and reading a prayer. In our classrooms we participated in different activities throughout the day. The children in Reception drew what they thought the internet looked like and Year One played ‘keep it safe or give it away’ linked to keeping personal information private. Year Two used their reading skills to answer questions about an e-safety story called ‘Penguinpig’ and thought about what Zap should do if he received another message asking to give his mobile phone number away. KS2 completed a survey and made a permission pledge about what they have learnt from Safer Internet Day. The key message from today is ‘our internet, our choice’ which we will remember and continue to think about when we use the internet.

The prayer from Collective Worship:

“Dear God, Thank you for the wonderful school environment that we are in. Thank you for all of the fun and exciting things we can do in the internet. Help us to be respectful and kind online. Help us to use it wisely – to broaden our minds, connect with friends and family and have fun, not to harm others. Amen”