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In 1666, London burnt like rotten sticks………..

Today, the Partake Theatre Company took the Goldfinch children on an epic journey back to the Great Fire of London of 1666.

This interactive workshop brought history alive for the children who enjoyed being involved in this exciting and stimulating drama workshop by dressing in elaborate costumes and telling the story through narration, mime, chant, music and dance.

During the workshop the children encountered the following historical figures: King Charles II, his baker, Thomas Farynor and not forgetting Samuel Pepys.

Step by step the children retold the events from that infamous week with a sprinkle of awe and wonder.

Wow moments, were certainly plentiful! Highlights included: the mischievous rat dance, the horse parade and not forgetting the epic fire dance.

Last of all we could breathe a sigh of relief when the raging fire gradually began to disappear.

The children had a fantastic time with Mr Adby, and the Partake Theatre workshop which has definitely given our London’s Burning – Fetch the Engine topic the WOW! Factor and a tremendous start to our new history learning.