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Exciting times for Year 2...

A Special Visitor!

Eve the bunny came to visit us in Nightingale class to enhance our Science learning. We compared the differences between a wild rabbit and a pet rabbit. We discussed the habitat of a rabbit, what they need to survive, how they obtain their food, how the seasons affect them and whether they are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We also did a bit of PSHE discussing how we can all be responsible pet owners. We explored how big a rabbit hutch should be, how many ‘treats’ a rabbit is allowed each day and how they like a companion to keep them happy! Of course we all had a little cuddle and a stroke. She even did a binky! A binky is a really big hop in the air and shows a rabbit is happy. She loved coming to see Nightingale class… she may be back!


Reading Workshops

What a fantastic turn out to the Reading Workshops. A parent/carer could come into school with their child and share some special learning time together. We heard all about how important it is to learn to read and to be read to. The grownups and children took it into turns to share a story together, picked by the child! After that, we explored some reading techniques and exciting activities to help us get excited about reading. This included boxing up, ‘reading’ a picture on Pobble 365 and some tricky inference work. Each week some reading homework is sent home to be completed together.


Reading Raffle

What a brilliant start to our reading raffle! If the children read at home three times a week, they get entered into a raffle. If their name is pulled out of the hat, they win a book… to keep! Well done to Taylor who chose a festive story about Paddington Bear.