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Dinosaur Day

Our stupendous start to our new topic started before the children even stepped into the class.  Chicks were surprised to walk through the gate to huge footprints leading across the playground and then towards our classroom.  Where did the footprints come from?  What creature had made them? Was that creature still in our class? 

We watched a film of a dinosaur walking (and roaring) around our class  and then found some very icy eggs.  We used our Connie Colsterworth scientific skills to investigate how we could help our eggs crack and then melt!  What super scientists we were.  Inside our eggs were baby dinosaurs.  We put them in our Dinosaur Museum to look at after we had paid for our entrance tickets and used the map to find where they were.  Once in the museum we could also ‘role play’ being palaeontologists and carefully find dinosaur skeletons.

Our 5 dinosaur eggs supported our mathematics using a 5 frame to create our own number bonds.

Chicks showed amazing enthusiasm for their learning and during the afternoon created their own fossils using clay.

To lead on to our next learning opportunities we found out that fossils were discovered under the snow and ice in the Antarctic by Captain Scott which leads us on nicely to our Poles Apart learning!