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Brilliant Bronze Ambassadors lead the way!

This week at Colsterworth our year 5 and 6 Bronze Sports Ambassadors have led the school in celebrating the Inspire+ Legacy tour. On Tuesday morning Jen, Max, Lilia and James,the four young leaders, welcomed representatives from the Inspire+ sports charity and Buckminster Primary School to join us in collective worship.
Proudly leading collective worship by themselves, the Bronze Ambassadors encouraged our children to think about their personal mental wellbeing and how being physically active can really improve this. The school eagerly shared ways they stay fit outside of school including swimming, walking and dancing and the sports ambassadors told pupils to "keep their eyes peeled" for a new sports display showcasing all our in and out of school clubs and activities.
The inspirational Legacy tour continued on Wednesday as Sports Ambassador Jen travelled to Corby Glen Primary School to pass on the fabulous tennis 'baton' and share our schools well being pledge. Jen bravely spoke to the whole school telling them "At Colsterworth we pledge to improve our mental well being and sportsmanship through working together as a school."
What fantastic young leaders we have supporting our sporting values at Colsterworth!