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An Amazon Adventure!

Today the Y6s went to the Rainforest! Explorer Simon, from the Explorer Academy, came in to tell us about the amazing animals, peculiar plants and industrious people of the Amazon. We immersed ourselves in fantastic learning and have expanded our vocabulary and knowledge, which will help with our current Science and Geography topic, An Amazon Adventure.

We learnt about the incredible adaptations, animals have made in order to survive and we imagined an original creature that is yet to be discovered, as we found out that a new species is discovered about every three days. Maybe only a tiny new insect,  but as 85-90% of insect life is found in the rainforest, this is possible! All the children were enthusiastic and engaged today; they showed Simon how nature smart they were when we had an impassioned debate about the causes and effects of deforestation and impressed how the tribes of the Amazon don’t have the need for technology and the modern world trappings to live well.