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3G Wander to Woolsthorpe

3G took a walk down to Isaac Newton's house, Woolsthorpe Manor today. As part of our history topic and to develop our enquiry skills we were delighted we could visit Woolsthorpe Manor, which is history within our school locality. The day entailed learning about life in the past, Isaac Newton’s science discoveries and not forgetting sketching of the famous apple tree. The children were in awe of the stunning manor house and asked lots of interesting questions about the artefacts which reflected life in 1600s. We certainly enjoyed sketching the apple tree which still had some signs of spring blossom and it was amazing to see the actual apple tree where Newton made his gravity discovery. A highlight for the children was certainly learning about the science legacy of Newton, they were enthralled with the interactive science activities and have impressively learnt lots of new vocabulary. The children have truly been inspired by this famous scientist.  It was wonderful to see cross-curricular learning in action and the way the children could make links between different subjects.

We all had a brilliant day and our thanks go to everyone at the National Trust for making our visit have the 'WOW' factor!