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Come and meet the staff at our school.


In the event of any concerns arising regarding teaching, learning or behavioural issues, please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance. If they are unable to resolve the issue, they will direct you to the Key Stage leader (Mrs Croxall for KS2 and Mrs Jordan for EY and KS1) and then if need be, to Miss Gibson.


Headteacher and Teachers


Miss Lucy Gibson

Mrs Louise Jordan


Deputy Head



Mrs Rachel Thulby

Mrs Sarah Croxall

Mrs Jessica McGhie

Year 5/6 Lister


Year 4/5 Faraday

English Lead

Year 3/4 Hawking



Mrs Stephanie Cornish

Miss Amy Arms-Rawden

Mrs Louise Jordan

Year 2 Nightingale

Year 1 Darwin

Early Years Curie



Administrators and Teaching Assistants


Mrs Sarah Hodgson

Miss Nicola Rogers

School Business Manager

School Administrator


Mrs Jo Dawes

Mrs Lisa Bevan

Mrs Emma Mowat

Out of Hours Club Coordinator

Teaching Assistant

Music PPA


Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant




Mrs Francis Shippey

Miss Claire Fox

Miss Suzie Winch

Teaching Assistant

Early Years Teaching Assist.

1:1 Teaching Assistant


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs Alison Thulborn

Mrs Sharon Sharratt

Miss Samantha Jones

Miss Donna Sage

Mrs Rachael Singleton

Miss Suzie Winch




                                      Mr Stewart Mitchell