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Welcome to Curie


Curie is our Early Years/Year 1 class. Mrs Abbey is our teacher.  She is also one of our Assistant Headteachers. Mrs Wilson is our classroom assistant. Every day is busy and active, but lots of fun. You can find out about all the things we are doing this term by clicking on the links below.


All of our children stay out on the playground until 8:55am. 


We are allowed to drink our milk and eat our fruit when we are hungry at our classroom snack bar. The milk is provided free until we are five, but then we have to order it from Miss Rogers in the school office.


Lunch - we can choose to have packed or cooked lunches but this year most of us are enjoying the tasty new free meals for all children under 7. We eat these together in the hall from 12pm.


At the end of the day, our teacher and our classroom assistants make sure we go home safely. Mums, Dads and carers can collect us from the playground.