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School Council

At Colsterworth all the children have a voice and are involved in developments at the school. Class councils are held regularly to discuss and agree what the children want the School Council to do. Their ideas are then taken to the School Council which meets once a month. We are members of the School Councils UK .


Representatives are elected each year for our School Council. They meet once a term or every six weeks to talk about projects they are leading or things children at our school want to change or introduce.

Usually we focus on the time of year for a fund raising project.


Meeting minutes are recorded and posted on the School Council board in the hall for everyone to read, along with a 'suggestions' box and information relating to any competitions etc.


Our School Council representatives for 2017/18 are:

Year 6 Grace Mo and Lloyd 

Year 5 Gabriella and Mia W

Year 4 James and Evelyn

Year 3 Henry and Mills


We are determined to make the school a better place. Unfortunately we were not able to do much with the ideas last year  but this year we are already working on a few things. Firstly we hope to change the area around the school and around the village. We would like to make our school and the village somewhere where everyone will be happy and improve the school in the process.


Here are some of our ideas:

*E factor

*more in house sports tournaments


*more boys and girls toilets

*make the road outside of the school safer